The Cross-step 10.0 Blu/White/Lime

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We’re excited to introduce the Cross-step to our Surf Series, a throwback longboard inspired SUP shape, for the SUP Surfer looking to carve flowing turns, move from, get those toes on the nose and move from nose to tail and back again! A full rounded nose and low rocker profile will allow for nose riding and fast acceleration, and the ability to catch small waves with ease. Thin rails, particularly in the pin tail design, means carving aggressive bottom turns and executing radical changes of direction is more than possible with this performance surf shape.   Five fin boxes allows for a variety of fin set-ups. Available in 9.0 and 10.0 to suit a wide variety of rider size. Constructed using our new Tie Dye Tech fiberglass construction with tinted resin and carbon deck reinforcement.

Shapers Notes: Throwback longboard shape with full nose profile and low rocker allows this board to excel in surf of all sizes. Parallel rail through the mid-section enhances down the line speed. Beginners up to 180 lbs or experienced SUP surfers up to 240 lbs.


Features: Built in Go Pro mount                                                                                                                                 Fin Setup: Quad or Thruster, ships with Honeycomb 6" center & 4.5" Thrusters

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