Firshore Otter 6'2

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The Winter season brings forth some solid swells, so you need a board thats gets you in early and holds a line.

The ‘OTTER’ model was developed for these exact days. Ride it as a Thruster set up or our favourite - a Quad combo. With Future fins large range of options to give you different ride feels your sure to find a winning recipe. With the longer drawn out template the rail sets itself early into the wave face and bites in aggressively.

Don’t put the ‘OTTER” away for the summer though especially if your riding the model 4-6” smaller than your standard short board because it is still so playful with the rounded pin and high chest volume you'll be into the waves before they break and heading into speed Arcs. Recommend for those clean line days for ultimate performance and fun.

Board Dimensions 

5’8” x 20” x 2.5”    -   31.3Ltrs

5’11” x 20” x 2.5”  -   32.9Ltrs

6’2” x 20” x 2.5”    -   34.9 Ltrs

Board Specifications:

  • Hybrid Epoxy Soft wrap performance board

  • Epoxy Construction

  • Future Fin Boxes

  • Carbon Construction

  • IXPE Soft wrap decks


Kids - Can ride all 3 sizes depending on skill levels.

Novice to Intermediate - Ride max volume & size 

Intermediate to Expert - Ride board 4-6” smaller then your standard short board.

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