FCS II Pivot PG 8" Clear

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The PIVOT does just as its name suggests, changing direction in a pivoting motion on a dime. With its upright profile and limited rake, the PIVOT fin is free of drag throughout turns, making it ideal for multiple fin set ups and performance longboards. Run the pivot in smaller sizes with carver side fins for a reactive performance set up.

+ Smaller sizes from 7” to 8” are suitable for retro hybrids
and high-performance longboards with stabilizers
+ 9” to 10” sizes are ideal for all-round longboards as a
single fin option.
+ Quick direction changes and release
+ Reduced drag
+ Accompanies side fins well
+ Reliable fin for most longboard and retro applications
+ Ideal for beach and reef breaks
+ High-performance longboards as a 2 + 1 set up
+ All- round longboard as a single fin set up
+ Single fin shortboards, midlength + hybrid designs

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